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Pressed Music



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AS: How did you guys end up on..what is it now? Four video games?

LE: Yes, it's four. Well, the Duke knew a few people and we pestered them a lot. It got a little bit easier after the first one.

AS: You've said in other interviews that the band is very influenced by 80s music and J-Pop. What I found interesting on Fancy Ultra-Fresh is how the influences play out in songs like "Chess King" and "That Boy Is All About Fun!" It seems like the delivery of the lyrics is essential to the overall feel of the song. When the band is writing a song, does someone ever say "Sound a litle more bored/a little more clipped" or is it a more natural process than that?

LE: Well, it's generally a pretty natural process. Generally I run through some takes and then the Duke chooses from the best of those... although in terms of delivery, there have been a couple of instances where we've re-recorded vocal bits that weren't quite working the first time around.

AS: Oui, je parle Freezepop. What made you guys want to do a song in French?

LE: Like a lot of our songs, it started off as kind of a stupid joke and evolved from there. That and I speak a halfway-decent amount of French.

AS: Do you use temporary or permanent dye for your hair?

LE: Well, as permanent as one can get. I have to touch it up every few weeks. I was pretty disappointed last time I went hair dye shopping and discovered that Special Effects discontinued "Atomic Pink." Now I'm using some Manic Panic color, and it's not quite as durable.

AS: Did you know what those darn Xs were for at Rothko? You had one, I had one...

LE: No idea. I think they might have just been for aesthetic value.

AS: Did you have a good time at the Bloody Valentine Circus? Does the bad often play with sword swallowers?

LE: That was a great time. First time with a sword swallower though. Although we once had a large quantity of balloon swords at one of our shows.

AS: Balloons constantly being thrown/tapped/hit/volleyed at you while you're trying to sing: Yes or no?

LE: Well, sure!

AS: Congrats on getting your stuff to iTunes. Now I just need about ten bottles of Pepsi...(do you still get paid if people use codes?) Why are all the songs randomly capitalized??

LE: I don't know the answer to either of those questions!

AS: How much would we have to pay you to play for a birthday party? Seriously, though, what can we do as fans to get you to do more shows? You guys rocked Rothko.

LE: Well, we're trying to take it a little slower on the show front for a little while, we're pretty burned out after touring most of last fall and we need to really concentrate on writing/recording new stuff, because we want to get a CD out sometime in the not-so-distant future. But in general, we're pretty open to fans helping us book shows. We don't have a booking agent, so lots of times we're pretty dependent on fans hooking us up with gigs. When we're looking to put together a tour, I get the word out via our website and our Yahoo group and LiveJournal community, and people have been really helpful.

AS: Is it my imagination, or is there a little Postal Service influence in "Emotions & Photons"? I've been obsessed with "Give Up" for a while now, so it could just be me..

LE: Well, that song is all the Duke, and he is a Postal Service fan, so I'd guess the two aren't entirely unrelated...

The new CD from Freezepop is upcoming! Check out news, info, and pictures on the band's site: http://www.freezepop.com
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